5 Reasons your Business will thrive with Hosted VoIP

These days everybody is moving to the Cloud. Why do you want your business communications in the
Cloud? Well, there are many reasons and here are a few to mull over when deciding the future
telephony needs of your organization.

1.Easy-Peasy: A hosted VoIP solution simplifies the IT and communications infrastructure world.
Adds, moves, and administrative changes are just a few clicks away from completion. With a
hosted VoIP system you can manage the network with little to no effort from anywhere via any
smart device or computer as the control portal is web based. Handsets are plug-n-play ready
making working from the office, home, or on the go a cinch. IT staff is freed up from the hassle
of an on premise solution when you implement a Hosted VoIP system which is maintained for
you by professionals.

2.Upgrade, Please! Traditional on premise PBX systems require upgrades but a Hosted VoIP
solution is always up to date with the latest technology and features without the cost of new
software implementation. Whenever upgrades are deployed within a Hosted VoIP solution, they
are automatically at your disposal. Cha-Ching!

3.Show Me The Money: Hosted VoIP solutions do not require major upfront capital costs since you
are not purchasing major hardware. Simply buy the handsets you require and you’re off and
running. Or you can do away with hardware completely and utilize softphones thus eliminating
any upfront costs whatsoever. Hosted VoIP also eradicates the need for SIP Trunking as well as
local and long distance service. Maintenance fees and contracts will also be a thing of the past
once you make the switch to cloud.

4.Unified Communications: Unify your communications in a snap with a hosted VoIP system by
streamlining your voice, email, and fax. Voicemail to email and fax to email are just a small part
of the luscious pie of hosted VoIP. Mobility applications, web conferencing, and simple software
integrations will also make your IT staff’s taste buds tingle. Features are easy to add and remove
with the À la carte style of cloud.

5.Disaster Recovery: Telephony communication is extremely important to any organization which
is why Hosted VoIP is right for your business. Don’t worry or fret if a storm comes through, there
is no hardware onsite thus ensuring that your business phone line is up and running all the time.
Should a natural disaster or user error occur, calls can be routed to a smart device instantly to
avoid down time.

Are you excited to make the switch yet? Do away with your legacy equipment that is cluttering valuable
office space, wasted IT resources, and multiple telephony expenses. Hosted VoIP is user friendly enabling
increases in productivity and communication efficiency while allowing your organization to focus on
what you do best.

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